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Marble, Granite & Tile

IntegraSoft for Distributors

As a result of working with a number of marble, granite and tile distributors, SEI developed an industry specific “feature set” within IntegraSoft that provides for the unique needs in this business.  The primary focus is a method of “slab tracking” from receiving to reserving for a customer and shipping/invoicing of that slab.  When slabs are received they are assigned a “bundle code” which tracks all slabs that are part of a unique bundle.  Slabs can be reserved and/or sold with multiple inquires available that display what bundles and slabs are available by product (Botticino for example).


Functions include:

Receiving Slabs / Bundles into Inventory

Product Inquiry / Lookup options

Inquiry by Bundle Code

Inquiry by Bundle Code / Slab Number


Application Modules Available:

Accounts Receivable                Accounts Payable           General Ledger

Order Entry                               Inventory Control            Purchasing


Business Optimization System (BizOps) for Fabricators

BizOps, developed by Aegis Commerce, is designed for fabricators and distributors in the Marble, Granite & Tile industry.  Based on Microsoft .NET, BizOps streamlines business processes from the origination of a quote to the confirmation of an order, job scheduling, inventory management, and gross margin analysis.  It interfaces to QuickBooks® and Peachtree® for accounting.

Contact SEI and we will have a representative schedule a BizOps demo.


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