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FacetWin & FacetTerm

FacetWin Terminal Emulator

FacetWin® is the ideal connectivity solution for Windows to UNIX and Linux integration. FacetWin includes world-class terminal emulation and complete UNIX file and print services. FacetWin is the all-in-one Windows to UNIX/Linux software integration solution, but is priced like a single feature product. Check out the features below to see that FacetWin offers significant improvements over conventional terminal emulation, telnet
and ftp.

FacetWin brings all the resources of your UNIX systems into your Windows desktop environment. Get all of your Windows to UNIX connectivity needs in a single product at a competitive price. And, of course, FacetWin comes with FacetCorp’s standard free evaluation program and is backed by their technical support team that has earned the reputation of being the best in the business.


FacetTerm Multiple Session Manager

FacetTerm® is the award winning software utility that allows character terminals (and PCs running in terminal emulation mode), to run up to ten sessions at a time when connected to a UNIX or Linux server.

FacetTerm allows you to run up to 10 simultaneous sessions and hot-key between them. You can copy and paste between sessions, print the screen, have FacetTerm “watch” for off-screen activity and more.


Both FacetWin and FacetTerm are authored by FacetCorp – SEI is an authorized reseller for these products.


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